Happy Birthday, Mike!


Mike turns 30 today! Here he is with his shiny new espresso machine. He has wanted an espresso machine almost as long as I’ve known him. And now, espresso is within his reach.

I also got him some espresso training wheels (or pods) to ease the transition. They’re more expensive, but it’s so easy to just drop the little package in the ..arm..thing. Yeah.

We went out to dinner at the Studio Diner last night with the Wednesday crew. Just like last year, we had one moderately pregnant person with us, although, there was a significant lack of salt & pepper shenanigans. Andy ordered the fish and chips and it was HUGELY MASSIVE. I swear, like an actual entire fish. Molly and Josh split a banana split (ha) at the end, and even sent it around the table a couple times. I declined. Which was probably a good idea, considering I had eaten peach cobbler at a sysadmin meeting earlier in the day (which was pretty bleh. Seriously, how do you make bad peach cobbler? Peaches, yum. Sugar, yum. Cobbler dough, yum. And yet, it was more like, soggy canned peach flavored biscuit dough.).

Where was I? Oh right, dinner. We ate, we went to Josh’s and Dance Central was played. We then switched to Kinect Sports…and I fell asleep on the couch.

How is it fair, that when I’m not *trying* to sleep, I can randomly crash out entirely while people are chatting and yelling and there is noise (ex. Robyn falling asleep during Rock Band sessions)? It is not fair, I tell you.

Anyway, we are having a hang-out birthday party for Mike on Saturday and there are already 28 RSVPs and 7 of those are under 5. I am ready with my baby gates! No escaping infants this time! Muwahahahahah!

Completely unrelated, if I had a little girl who liked American Girl dolls, I would totally be buying these cute doll & me dresses at Costco (only $17.99!)

(Technically, for 18″ dolls, but you know they’re for American Girl dolls.)


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