Lessons on Painting


So far, we have painted the following rooms:
Powder room (1.5x, we sucked on the first try)
Kitchen (2x, didn’t like original mint color)
Studio (almost ran out of paint)
Office (went really well)
Guest bedroom (completely ran out of paint, and had to go buy more paint)
Guest bathroom (two rooms, one with vanity, other with toilet/sink, used leftover mint paint)

It did not really, REALLY dawn on me until today, after doing all that painting (I was painting solo today, Mike is off hanging with boys), that you cut in the corners and do the edging FIRST, and then roll the big swatches. SO MUCH EASIER. So learn from me, people. Edge first. Always. Edge.

Also, ignore the instructions the fancy-pants edger you bought came with, and don’t wipe off “excess” paint each time.

Also, also, paint streaks in your hair are inevitable.

All in all, I feel I did a pretty good job. Time will tell though. We tend to paint, and then come back and find white patches. I only truly screwed up in one corner and painted on the ceiling. It was in the far back corner of the bathtub, and I just couldn’t reach to clean it off.

Probably the stupidest thing I did? Balancing on the ladder leaning on the wall in the bathtub. The tub/toilet room is really small and the ceilings are really high. Well, I didn’t die, but I was concerned I’d fall over backward and crack my head open and be lying there for hours until Mike came home. (Then again, my brain does tend to go to worst case scenario in these things). Anywho, all is well, it is done, and another room bites the dust.


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