Holiday Cheer


I mentioned a few weeks ago how we exchanged several of our old strands of incandescent C9 Xmas lights for new, energy-efficient LED lights (C5 size). Remember that? Before we did that, we had 4 strands of C9 bulbs (25′ each), and 2 strands of LED lights from Costco (50′ each). They were all multi-colored, because I am old-school and awesome and I do not do the dangly white icicle light.

So after the exchange, we had 3 strands of LEDs @15′, 1 leftover C9 strand (they’d only exchange 3 strands), and the 2 previous LED from Costco.

We used two of the 15′ strands on our balcony stairs outside, and one of them in the entry window. Which left us with 2 strands of 50′ lights. (The C9 did not make it out of the box this year. They’ve been banished.) So we wrapped them on the inside of our front window…and still had a LOT left. So we kept going.

(We started there by the tree)

(Pardon Mike’s feet, he’s coding)

As we pan right, it keeps going…

And going…

And going…

Ok, but once we got up to the mythical 3rd floor, we hit the end of our strand. and had only done half the room. How gauche.

So we did what any reasonable, Christmas-cheer-filled adults would do.

We went back to Costco and bought two more 50′ strands.

Starting back at the tree, we go left this time…

And continue along the back of the couch and down the stairs to the entry.

Ok, that was only one of the strands. We put the other in our bedroom window, which faces the alleyway. More people will see it there, anyways!

We ate some take n bake pizza from Costco and are sitting on the couch, enjoying our splendor. 😉

Also, using painter’s tape is awesome.


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