First Holiday Card


The winner of the first holiday card goes to:

Kimberly and David!

Hilarious card.
And on Dec 1. Very impressive. We can’t even remember to actually take a picture to make a card. We fail.

I got 3/4 packages delivered today that I ordered on Monday. This is why I pay for Amazon Prime. It is totally worth it. I’m not sure where the last one is. Its last update was yesterday and it was in Arizona. Maybe it fell in the Grand Canyon. Of course, it was the most important one, too. It never fails. It still claims it’s In Transit-On Time. Uh, you don’t have much longer!

Look at me, still blogging even tho NaBloPoMo is over. I’m hoping I can get to Target and make a delicious chocolate bundt tonight before going to the Wednesday crowd. Mike is currently conked out in bed, so we shall see.


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