And in the end…


Well, NaBloPoMo, it’s been real. I made a mostly valiant effort to post almost every day, save for that pesky holiday thing. I am much more back into the swing of things in terms of blogging, and hope to keep it up. Hopefully not with quite such a “Ugh, I still have to bloooooggggg”.

In other news, it is FREAKING COLD INSIDE OUR HOUSE. We discovered that the heater and/or thermostat is not creating heat into our (newly built and thusly heating unused) house on Sunday when we got home from Julian. It was 61°F then. It is still 61°F now. The subcontractor that installed the AC/heat is not coming until Thursday.

Ordinarily, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but there’s no heat at work either. Other than in my car, my ambient air temperature has been no higher than 60 in several days. Wah wah, I am so wimpy and Californian. :-p

There is also some other news brewing (no, not babies) that I’m not yet ready to blog about, but has been ruminating in my head a lot lately. TBB (to be blogged).

On a lighter note, say hello to our little tree.

This tree has been with us for a few years, and we had been talking about getting a “real” tree but knew it would die if purchased so early. But now this one is up, and it doesn’t take water and I am lazy, sooo…

Yay, stockings! Flanked elegantly by our “we cannot choose a paint color” wall. The stocking hangers are from when I was a kid. D’awww.

Also also, bonus points for naming the song the blog post title comes from. Mike cannot participate. Although, it’s pretty easy. 🙂


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