Holiday Weekend-Sunday


Sunday morning, I woke up early again, and read for a bit in the loft. My stomach was GROWLING at me, so I very quietly tried to reheat some pancakes and heat up some hot water. The fire-thing had gone out overnight, and it was really, really cold.

Unfortunately for Josh, I woke him up. Fortunately for me, he turned the fire-thing back on. Showering, eating, laundering, and closing-up chores occured, and we hit the road around 9:30a.

Oh, did I mention it was still really windy and REALLY COLD outside? Because it was. This will be important in a minute.

We were moseying down the 79, very near Lake Cuyamaca. Suddenly, there’s this car in front of us, who had previously been in the opposite lane and she kind of tries to pull forward and it becomes very obvious that her front right tire is more like ___ than | (it was basically lying on the ground). We honked at her furiously and she stopped. Josh got out of the car and went to go help. He lent her his phone and she called the police and a tow and her dad. She was probably a teen, driving into Julian to go to work. Her ball joint or axle or something had broken and the wheel had fallen off, causing her to swerve in front of us. No one was hurt.

However, she (and we behind her, with our warning lights on) were on a blind corner. The cars coming down the road had no idea we were there, and once they got to us, they couldn’t see around the corner to pass. Thusly, Mike ended up moving my car back down the road, before the corner, and waving at people to slow down (which we decided was to motion like “low, low”). I stood on the opposite side of the road, halfway around, and Josh farther down, past the broken car with an unlit flare (we couldn’t figure out how to light it immediately), directing traffic for about a half hour. It was super windy. And super cold. And I could not feel my ear.

Oh, and somewhere in this all, someone the girl knew showed up, and she hopped in said person’s car and was toasty and warm. They were still there, waiting for the CHP, though. BUT WARM.

Anyways, the tow truck showed up and pulled the car off the road further down and we headed out.


Now we are now, doing home-like things, like washing my car and going to Target and sitting on the couch, appreciating my wonderful husband, who is also blogging right now.

Life is awesome. Friends are awesome. Cabins are awesome.


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