Holiday Weekend-Saturday


Saturday morning, I woke up moderately early, as I am wont to do. I went toddling downstairs looking for my Kindle. I eventually found it, dead, next to Josh’s couch. He had been reading a sample of Cryptonomicon. I plugged it in and started reading Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. A little while later, the light fixture in the room we were staying in started smoking, so I promptly turned it off and went downstairs. By then, Josh and Andy had risen from their couches, and Lea showed up soon thereafter. We started assembling waffle batter that I had brought. And there was no waffle iron! It was so sad. So we made pancakes instead, which were light and fluffy and delicious. Josh made eggs with tomatoes and cheese and Andy made fried mashed potato cakes and there was fruit salad. Breaksgiving is definitely a tradition that needs to be renewed in following years.

After Breaksgiving, Matt did like, chores, and the rest of us sat around and read and lounged until lunchtime. It was fabulous. It was like this group reading thing. We were all reading different books but from time to time would talk and then drift back to what we were reading. Mike and Josh braved the cold, cold outdoors and spent an hour or two outside talking and reading.

We had some delicious sandwiches with the turkey that Matt had smoked from Thanksgiving and then we all bundled up and head to the Julian Cider Mill. A case of hard cider was bought, and we tried to find a geocache hidden there, but were unsuccessful. We went back towards Julian and found three geocaches near the William Heise state park, where Lindsay, Rebecca, Mike and I camped so long ago. It was nearing 4p, and the temperature had dropped to about 41°F. Clouds were rolling in quickly. We decided to go for one last geocache at an overlook vista just past the cabin. It was windy as all getout there, and FREEEEEEZING, but the view was beautiful.

Sadly, I didn’t find any of the geocaches myself. The clouds were getting heavier, so we went back to the house.

Molly asked me to teach her how to knit, and the boys settled in to playing a board game, Cosmic Encounter. Josh put a log o’ meat in the oven, and some asparagus shortly followed. Dinner was accompanied by a butternut squash and raw ginger slaw, which was really interesting. After dinner, I made a PIZOOKIE OF DOOOM, and we all moaned for a while thereafter. It was so good.

I kept reading for a while, and eventually, Matt, Molly, Andy, and Lea had to head back down to civilization. They were all attending a baptism Sunday morning. And they graciously let Mike and Josh and I stay for another night. After getting “closing up” instructions, we sat around the fire for a while, and talked. Eventually, Mike and Josh started watching a movie, and I finished my book. 496 “real” pages. One day. BAM. And then I went to bed, and listed to the wind howl for a little bit.

Mike said a CRAZY storm rolled in around 11 with thunder and lighting and howling winds and insanity. I heard nothing. Zzzz.


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