Holiday Weekend-Friday


After having suitably indulged on Thursday, we recommenced eating with a visit to Zov’s Bistro in Tustin on Friday morning. Scott’s girlfriend, Sonya, joined us for some delicious food. Especially the giant sticky bun. I had a meh-frittata. I should have stuck with the ol’ standby, vanilla yogurt with granola and berries.

I was itching to go by the end of breakfast, as we still had to drive back to our house, repack and get a bunch of food, and head to Julian. We got home around noon, got new clothes and some jackets (Julian dipping into the 20s and 30s at night) and packed our sad, sad cooler. I inherited this green cooler from my parents. Over the years, it has been slowly deteriorating. First, it started with a SQUWEWEAAAHK every time you opened the lid. More recently, the strap the held the lid at 90° snapped. Then the lid fastner fell 99/100ths off. On Friday, I kicked the spigot covering to make sure it was closed and it shattered. I taped the spigot thing back together with blue painters tape, and added some to the lid hinge. This cooler needs to be retired. Anyways, we loaded it up with things like cookie dough, pie dough, butter, eggs, holiday leftovers, wine, pie…you know, delicious holiday weekend items.

Josh met us at our house, and we added his cooler full of beer to the car and took off. We arrived in Julian around 2:30, pretty good from our original 2-3p estimate. The cabin that Matt & Molly and their family and friends built is amazing. We sat around by their fire-thing and chatted and read.

And Lea! Lea came all the way back from Florida to hang out with us this weekend. It was awesome.

Then we did a much-prolonged second round of beer tasting. I think we did the original round back in February, just Mike, Josh, and myself. It was much more fun to have multiple people involved. I was feeling pretty blorgy after sips of 9 beers though. It was time for food, and the cheese bread pretzel things were not enough. We whipped up a turkey pot pie with leftover mashed potatoes.

After dinner, we played Cranium, wherein the girls (Molly, Lea, and myself) trounced the boys (Matt, Mike, Josh, and Andy) by my skillful human puppeteering (as the puppeteer, I used Lea as my puppet to pantomime “Drive-thru”). It was awesome, and there were several bouts of uncontrollable laughter. And then we all started getting drowsy, sitting in the loft. So I went to bed.

(Oh, and there was no internewts in Julian, nor did I have my computer, thusly NaBloPoMo was suspended. Making three posts to make up for it now.)


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