Winter at Work


As the weather turns cold (er), I have to start breaking out my winter “uniform” for the cold mornings at work. This consists of:

-1 knit Burton ski cap
-1 pair fleece gloves (very hard to type in, but I’m doing it right now)
-1 Lands End field coat, rated to 35°F
-1 Robyn wrapped around the sole space heater for the entire 1000 sq ft building, placed as close as possible to my desk

Current indoor temperature: 56°F
Current outdoor temperature: 47°F
Current insulation in buildling: none
Age of windows: ~95 years

Hmm, it’s kind of like working in a thick, permanent, square tent. (Building also has no AC, but that’s really only a problem for a few weeks of the year, whereas the winter coolness in the morning can last 6 months.)

I stopped at Starbucks this AM for a pumpkin spice latte, non-fat, no whip, 1/2 pump, and then was annoyed at myself for ordering such a complex drink.


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