Tackling the Pantry: Phase 2


Also known as, the “Cansolidator”

Once Mike emerged from his shower, he helped me schlep all the “in waiting” stuff downstairs to the laundry room, where the storage is plentiful. Thence a fruitless trip to Ikea and a moderately fruited trip to the Container Store, and a fruitful trip to Costco, we returned home.

At the Container store, I bought a small tray to put small baking items in, per Anna’s suggestion, another flour bin to replace the dumb OXO pop one (I had hoped to find replacement sugar ones, too, but failed), and a Simple Human plastic bag storage thing. At Costco, we found THE CANSOLIDATOR. I had seen it before, and we could not immediately find it, until lo, it was shoved on a shelf all lonesome like. (We also picked up some other stuff, including a last-second dash through the store to change out some hot cocoa).

BEHOLD THE CANSOLIDATOR. You know, and other organized pantry items.

What was really cool about the CANSOLIDATOR, was that it is expandable, both sideways and up and down. It has little L brackets on top for additional CANSOLIDATORS, and I just hacked out a piece of cardboard from its box and BAMF, extra shelf. The tiny cans of consolidated milk and corn are now on top of the CANSOLIDATOR. Seriously, though, the CANSOLIDATOR holds 40 (!) cans. In theory. It stored 90% of my apocalypse cans.

I’m kind of at a loss with the top shelves. Oh well, at least they look nice now!


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