Yawny McYawnerton


Man, I have been yawning almost ALL DAY. Not particularly tired, but I did have a migraine this morning, and I’ve noticed that excessive yawning can occur at either end of the migraine. I think I yawned three times just writing those sentences. I mean, it’s good that (YAWN) my head doesn’t hurt anymore, but I feel so groggy and a little drugged.

Hmm, I’ll have to take note whether taking the “real” migraine drugs makes for more yawning.

Anyways, not much since yesterday. Had a good day at work, felt busy but not too busy. Now, I am making another pumpkin bundt for Molly’s sake at Wednesday night hangout times. Sonia, I promise you can have some if there are leftovers (highly likely).

My dad didn’t end up coming down last night, opting to instead drive down this morning. I have been trying to call and email him to coordinate his arrival later but have been thus far unsuccessful.

Oooh, a whole six sentences without yawning.


3 thoughts on “Yawny McYawnerton

  1. Sonya

    πŸ™‚ yay thank you, mmmm pumpkin bundt!!

    And sorry about the migraine, i used to get them very regularly and they are not pleasant.

    Hugs and hope you feel better Robyn


    • Heh, I was actually referring to my neighbor, Sonia, not Sonya! But I’m sure there will be baked goods for Thanksgiving. I’ve never known a Soni/ya before and now I know two!

      • Sonya

        haha oh apologies for assuming i was the only Sonya !!
        Im sure i will get to taste plenty of your famous baking πŸ™‚

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