My Undying Love for Zappos


I think it was the winter of 2008 when I first discovered Zappos. I used them to order a pair of hiking-type Merrell shoes for the Mediterranean cruise. Shortly thereafter, I started following their CEO on twitter. At some point, he provided a link for his twitter subscribers to become Zappos VIPs. I signed up (it’s free, hello!) and became a VIP with free overnight shipping!

I have to tell you, the only thing I love more than packages when I get home from work is packages that I just ordered the previous day and magically show up on the doorstep and didn’t pay three arms and a leg and two fingers to get it.

Fast packages=really good
Fast, free shipping packages=OMG SO AMAZING (this is probably why I actually pay for Amazon Prime. I want my stuff faster, darn it!)

Since then, I’ve pretty much ordered every pair of shoes from Zappos (and a wallet). Their emails are cute and quirky and they seem like a genuinely good company. And they recently were bought by Amazon.

Anyways, all this to say, that as the weather has turned cold recently, I found myself missing my worn-into-the-ground Lands End clog things. They were my “winter flip flops”. Easy to get on and off, more weather resistant, and kept my toesies warmer. To Zappos, wherein I selected a pair I liked, waited for Mike to sell my DS to fund said clogs, ordered them at 4p on Thursday, and lo, they were here when I got home.

(horrible iPhone flash-ed picture, whatevs. I am lazy.)

They are Merrell clogs and very light weight and comfy and yay, winter flip flops have returned!


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