Productive Holiday


In addition to being Veteran’s Day and a day off work, today is my little bro’s birthday. Happy 25th Birthday, Scotters!

I hear tell that he has a new girlfriend, too. I’m hoping we get to meet her this weekend when we’re up in OC for his bday.

On the homefront, I had a lovely holiday. After pumpkin bread breakfast, Mike left to go sell our old DSes to a guy on craigslist. I did some yoga and took a shower and tried using the pro guitar on Rock Band 3 for the first time. I went through one tutorial and got a little bored and decided to just jump in.I played three songs on pro-bass-easy (all were zero “bubs”) and got around 75-85%. I then tried “Hardest Button to Button” (one bub). And then I got 99% on my first try on pro-bass-easy. I then went through the trainer for the song on expert bass. I practiced it once and got 82%. Nice!

What was much cooler about it is that I could then pick up the acoustic bass and actually PLAY THE SONG. (ok, not well, and I actually had to go back to the trainer to refresh my memory.)

Mike returned home and then we left to get our pertussis shots. Pertussis shots are required to visit new babies, and my cousin just had one. The pharmacist said 90% of pertussis shots being given are because there are new babies in the family. Also, at said CVS, it was $92 for a DTaP shot (diptheria, thyphoid and pertussis) at their “Minute Clinic”, but only $51 at the pharmacy. Buh? Also, no insurance. Apparently almost no insurance carriers are covering any of it. Lame. But it’s done, and both Mike and my arm’s are sore. Ow.

Kathy came over in the afternoon and we jammed and recorded the Pure Yellow Color song “Tug of War” again as an unplugged rendition. And Mike and I played “Hardest Button to Button” purely from the training we had received FROM A VIDEO GAME.


I want to know when Harmonix will now release a pro bass guitar. I don’t need those extra two strings 🙂


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