I read a lot of food blogs and invariably come across recipes that sound delicious throughout the day. Today’s emailed-to-myself recipe was chocolate peanut butter dough balls. I find, however, more and more, than I send myself these recipes and…never get around to making them.

Recent things I have emailed to myself and not made:
Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies
Whole wheat banana bread (I have a metric butt ton of frozen banans in the fridge)
“Panera” mac n cheese
Spring green risotto
Cookies and cream cheesecakes
Three cheese stuffed shells with meaty sauce
Gateway broccoli
Four layer pumpkin cake
Whole wheat sweet potato muffins

Just to name a few.

Take tonight for instance. I wanted to make pumpkin bread, but the orange-pumpkin-cranberry recipe was new and scary and unknown. I went back to my old standby of pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins (recipe that I’ve modified to be healthier). I baked it as a loaf and put chocolate in one and non-chocolate in the other. That way there’s a breakfast loaf and a dessert loaf 😉

Anyways, all this rambling to say that I find I stick to my preferred recipes and have a hard time venturing out of my “comfort” zone. Which is probably true in more aspects of my life than just baking.


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