Nothin’ much


Almost forgot to post today.

After work, my head was kind of trying to hurt, which put me in a sour mood, because I had intended to come home and go outside to go running. I decided I wanted to bake something pumpkin related, so as Mike headed off to raquetball, I went to Vons. While there, I also picked up some lemon-poppyseed muffin mix for Mike, who loves poppyseed muffins. I was not feeling ambitious enough to make more homemade muffins for him. I didn’t end up baking pumpkin bread, but aim to do so on my day off on Thursday. Mike, however, luuuurves the muffins. I guess they are quite lemony. I don’t like poppyseeds, so I won’t be trying it. I guess you could buy poppyseeds at Henry’s or something, if I were to make them myself.

En route back, I stopped at Target and bought a yoga and a pilates DVD. I’ve been so sick of the Fluidity DVDs for SO LONG, it will be nice to have something different for a change. I refrained myself from slowing past the baby section and squeeing at tiny baby shoes.

After leftover pot pie (sorry Kathy, I forgot to take a picture), we went to Golden Spoon. In pumpkin honor, I had pumpkin pie froyo.

Mike is now logging into Minecraft for the first time in weeks and ZOMG CRAZY BUILDING WHO IS DOING ALL THESE THINGS.

Sorry, kind of a throwaway post, but they can’t be all winners.


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