Brunch and More Painting


Well, despite having woken up at 6a this morning (stupid time change. Seriously, does anyone actually go “YAY TIME CHANGE”?), we had a pleasant day. We had brunch at Alchemy with Mags and the Crawfords. Baby Charlie gnawed on my finger for ten minutes until my hand was covered in drool and I forcibly extracted it and handed him to Mike. It was nice hanging out and chatting with them.

After the brunch, we went to Home Depot to try to find paint for the two upstairs bedrooms. We’re trying to find a green to coordinate with the comforter mentioned in previous entry, and I liked the idea of painting the not-exercise room a cheery yellow. (I wanted a yellow kitchen, but yellow didn’t go with the cabinets and granite placed in the house.) I think the non-exercise room will be soonly changing to more of a office/study thing though. Mike had the idea of putting a couch in the loft as more of a reading area than the current printer surface it is. We also figured, in the interest of only having to paint the room once, yellow is a nice, gender-neutral color for future hypothetical children. Anyways, we picked up a couple of paint samples and tried those out in the rooms. I didn’t like the green at all. The yellow was good, but a bit too buttery bright yellow. I emptied the NER (non-exercise room) of furniture and took off the outlet covers and taped off the closet. As Mike started putting up some stuff for sale on craigslist, I went back to Home Depot to buy the yellow, but 25% lighter. When I got back, he was touching up some paint in the studio downstairs. Aaaand, then I realized we didn’t have any roller trays. I took over touching up the studio while he went back to Home Depot for roller trays. Oof. Once he got back, we started the NER. Mike got an email from one of our craigslist postings; a woman wanted to buy my college TV and DVD player. She showed up an hour later, and now I am $40 richer for a TV and DVD player that I never used. Sweet! We finished the room, and then ate the deli chicken from Costco that we bought earlier in the day. For dessert, we made banana-not-ice-cream.

And now Mike is rubbing my feet. Which is awesome.


4 thoughts on “Brunch and More Painting

  1. Rebecca

    I Love the fall time change! When I did semester at sea, I “fell back” an hour every night for the first two weeks – it was awesome! Spring is slightly more challenging for me, but only for a day or two.

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