That is an excellent summary of today.

I woke up at 5a with a oh-so-familiar pounding in my temple. I briefly flitted with the idea of advil, but my gp advised me to lay off the advil and excedrin after a round of nosebleeds a few months ago. I took a maxalt, my prescription migraine drug, and went back to “bed” on the couch, trying to sleep upright. (Lying down just makes the blood pound and my head hurt even worse.) I emailed-in to work at 6:30, saying I’d be in to work later. Mike left for work. A little bit after 7, I took a shower. I checked the instructions on the migraine meds, which said you can repeat after 2 hours. I took another and got back in real bed and watched Private Practice one-eye-ed-ly. I was still feeling pretty bad and dozed on and off.

By 10:30, I wrote back to work and said I wasn’t coming in. Usually, I can take one med, doze, feel groggy, eat something and then feel human enough to come into work. It was not happening. I had a bit of a meltdown around 11, hysterical that it wasn’t going away and nothing I was doing was helping. I emailed Mike that I needed him, as the whole getting up and moving around was not making me feel better. Angel that he is, he left work, picked up some soda (I wanted caffeine but coffee smelled bad to me) and some biscuits (my sick food) and came home to tend to me and rub my feet.

The majority of it wore off somewhere around 3. I still feel twingies in my temple, but for the most part, feel human. We’re packing to visit some friends overnight and go to party tomorrow. They had asked me to make a cake for the party, but my head will not allow it. Such as it is when you have a disability like migraines. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

Which I am not good at.

In sum, migraines suck, I like cake, and I wish I could get a new head sometimes.


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