European Vacation


Mike and I have been talking about wanting to go to Europe for a couple weeks for a long time. I went to England and France with my parents WAY BACK in 2000, and we were stranded in flew through Skipbo? airport (apparently, it’s Schiphol, those Dutch!) on our way to our Mediterranean cruise last year. Mike has not been to mainland Europe other than the Schiphol, Barcelona, and Paris airports. We’ve made it our goal to go to Europe next year.

We’re hoping we will get mad money back on our taxes next year with the CA and federal tax credits that we qualified for. We are hoping we can use this money to go to Europe.

Costco has a travel portion of their company wherein they offer packages of flights, hotels, breakfast, transportation, and a one day tour in each locale. It does seem a little more expensive but I am attracted to the idea of it all being taken care of and planned. Mike is more inclined to get everything separately. I agree that it would be cheaper, but so much more complicated. I feel anxious just thinking about tryign to coordinate everything.

In addition, I really try not to be high maintenance. I know I have a lot of dumb toiletries, between contacts, face wash, braces, migraine meds, blah blah blah. I feel a lot of anxiety about taking the long, overseas flights and being able to sleep while horribly jetlagged. I’ve had horrible anxiety attacks on both overseas trips (I didn’t know that’s what it was when I was 17) after not sleeping and being tired and cranky and headachey and hungry and everything was in Dutch and stranded in the airport and still having a several hour flight to Barcelona to fly and the cruise was leaving at 5p and the plane was ARRIVING at like, 4:30p (original flight was due in at 8a).

tl;dr I want to go to Europe but am overwhelmed by the details and anxiety.


6 thoughts on “European Vacation

  1. Erica

    I would think a tour would be better for you guys because you don’t have to worry about the details and you’ll get to see the major sites. And don’t worry about all of the stuff you have to take, my mom takes about that much stuff on all of her trips. Europe is awesome and there’s so many places to see. I so want to go back!!!

  2. Charles

    I recommend spending longer periods in fewer places. I’ve gone to Europe in both fashions – with a tour group that was guided and went to many places, and with just a guidebook and Eurail pass. I much prefered the latter. I also hate coordinating things, but you don’t have to do much. Flights there and back and one hotel (and city) per week will pretty much do ya.

    I actually find that over-planning can add to travel stress, not reduce it. Everything you schedule is just one more thing that you HAVE to make it to, one more thing you can be late for, or miss. Wake up each day, decide what you want to see, and go see it!

  3. Sara Kaup

    John & I did London, Paris, Italy & Spain – all my planning, no tour company – mostly stayed at Rick Steve’s recommended B&B’s – it worked out great, and remember, this was pre-Euro – all the exchanging of money – what a pain! I’ll dig up our old itineraries to use as a guide. It took alot of planning – but seemed like nothing compared to the Orlando trip I’ve been trying to plan to WDW and Harry potterland at Universal – and that’s not taking place until next year!

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