¡Yo voté!


Mike and I walked over to the elementary school after work to vote. I had already changed my voting address and received confirmation and the brochures and the endless scads of political advertisements, so I was pretty sure I was ok. Mike, however, had forgotten to change his address at the DMV. Woops. He had to do a provisional ballot.

Scene: two old men with hearing aids working the rosters
Man #2: I need to see your driver’s license
Me: I don’t see why
Man #2: I need your driver’s license
Me: It’s not a requirement for voting
Woman #1: (jumping in) OH OH, if you’re not comfortable with it, it’s ok, he just needs it because he’s “visual”.
Me: Ok, whatevs. *waits for man #2 to flip through three pages of rosters backwards, slowly* *sighs*
Man #2: Ok, go see him
Man #1: What street do you live on?
Me: Street
Man #1: Is that here?
Me: Yes.
Man #1: *flips through three pages of street names* Oh. Yeah. *makes a check mark* You need to sign the rosters *points to man #2*
Me: I already did that.
Man #1: Oh.

I now had to get around the line that has formed to get to the people with the ballots on the other side of said line.

Ah, organization and bureaucracy.

I still take offense that they ask for your driver’s license. I know it’s just so they don’t have to listen to you spell out your name a hundred times, but they’re not SUPPOSED to ask! It bothers me, unnecessarily.

And with that, I am going to Souplantation.


5 thoughts on “¡Yo voté!

  1. Maggie

    Very funny b/c I offered my drivers license, but since my sample ballot that I brought with me had my current address the lady at my polling place took the sample ballot instead.

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