Last login: Tue Oct 19 11:45:31 2010
# cd /tmp
# mt -f /dev/st0 rewind
# mt -f /dev/nst0 fsf 2
# restore -b 256 -ivf /dev/nst0
Verify tape and initialize maps
Input is from a local tape
Tape block size is 256
Dump date: Fri Oct 15 08:46:45 2010
Dumped from: the epoch
Level 0 dump of /var on _______:/dev/cciss/c0d0p3
Label: /var
Extract directories from tape
Initialize symbol table.
restore > ls
restore > cd log
restore > ls
restore > add procmail.log
restore: ./log: File exists
restore > extract
Extract requested files
You have not read any volumes yet.
Unless you know which volume your file(s) are on you should start
with the last volume and work towards the first.
Specify next volume # (none if no more volumes): 1
extract file ./log/procmail.log
Add links
Set directory mode, owner, and times.
set owner/mode for ‘.’? [yn] n
restore > quit
[root@blackeye tmp]# less log/procmail.log
[root@blackeye tmp]# mt -f /dev/st0 rewoffl

This is a “tape check”, a semi-random restore of a file to ensure the tape is still backing up. I’ve done this so many times, I can recite it.
In sum, tapes=boo


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