Pumpkin spice


I love the pumpkin-spice-drink-season. I’m currently sitting in Panera with a pumpkin spice latte. It is WAY WAY sweeter than Starbucks’. I’m not sure I’m a fan of that. I keep finding that my super sweet tastebuds lessen the older I get. Also, I forgot to ask for decaf, so, woops. HI MIKE I HAD CAFFEINE AFTER NOOOOOOOOOOON AND YOU ARE PLAYING A VIDEO GAME I WILL SIT AND STARE AT YOUUUU.

I’m looking forward to getting a salad and some mac n cheese (sooo cheesy, all the way) and seeing the Sound of Music singalong event tonight. Mike is not joining me, but Molly is! She was talking about wearing a wimple for fun. And she is pregnant. Which is awesome. I’m glad she likes musicals, because those people seem to be few and far between.

On a more serious note, Mike and I went running yesterday. For realz. We did day 1 of Couch to 5k (AGAIN). My hip flexors are sore. Why? What is wrong with my hips? Did I murder them with all my years of dance? Are they mad cuz I don’t dance regularly?

it’s super rainy today, strangely. I feel badly for the people who had an event at T29 tonight. They’d put up a tent and stuff, but it still looked super wet and cold out there. T29 is not the world’s best event place, unless it’s super sunny.


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