Many things rattling around


First off, let’s touch on exercise (or lack thereof). Way back in May, before we moved, Mike and I had FINALLY FINALLY actually completed the couch to 5k. Sure, we were running super slowly (hills), but I was so proud, seeing as I had tried to finish it multiple times before. And then my right hip started hurting. I tried to look it up, but it was some muscle that kind of wraps around the outside from the leg joint on the front, under the hip bone and around the back. I laid off for a couple weeks and tried again, but it came right back. Then we moved, then it was hot, blah blah blah, I haven’t run since.

Our new house has a YMCA across the street. It’s right there. I’ve thought about joining a few times to use their equipment/pools/classes (yoga), especially after I hurt my back twice at work lifting things (LIFT WITH YOUR KNEES, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE). I dunno, I’m lazy and afraid that if I sign up, I’ll never actually go.

On a more delicious note, Mike and I made Mine(craft)cakes for Josh’s birthday.
Mike and I made Mine(craft)cakes for Josh's birthday. The sand cube was tastier than the dirt cube.
The chocolate ones are “dirt”, and the yellow ones are “sand”. (Sand was tastier). We baked them up in loaf pans (and sand overflowed and burned on the bottom of the oven. And then I made pizza the next night and the dough overflowed and olive oil dripped on the bottom of the oven and set off all of the fire alarms in the house FOUR TIMES.) and frosted them with some store bought frosting. The boys got me playing this video game called Minecraft, wherein you build things with cubes of material (dirt, sand, stone, etc). Last night, they had all come over to play together (nerd alert!) and we built a pyramidal roof on top of the (dirt-bale) maze that Mike and I had laboriously made. And then they played Dominion and I fell asleep watching Holmes on Homes at like 9:15. Woops.

I also caught up on Good Eats yesterday, and he made oat waffles, which I made this morning. They were…eh. The first version of the batter was more like lumpy oat soup than waffle batter. I figure I either a) didn’t whirl the oats around in the food processor long enough because it was noisy and I didn’t want to wake Mike up or b) the milk+lemon juice substitute for buttermilk really doesn’t work that well (I would have used plain yogurt, but I’m out of that, too). Either way, I had to dump like, 1c more of flour just to get it up to a passable thickness. But they were actually pretty tasty in the end.

Lastly, I am pleased to announce I FINALLY finished editing pictures from a wedding I shot on Oct 1. Finally! Sure, there may have been some Minecraft-related procrastination in there, but I dutifully plugged away. I went from just shy of 700 pictures down to around 350. I think we got some good shots in there though. The first few (which were definitely the most scenic) look the worst. I was feeling unsure, they were feeling awkward. It took a while to get in the groove. I’d really like to take a class on portraiture and how to pose people. That is definitely my weakness. I tried to recall all the things the photographers had done at our wedding, but so much of that day is a blur, and the parts I remember of the photography were mostly me going “OH MY GOD ARE WE DONE YET SO WE CAN STOP TOUCHING NOSES?” Something like that, anyways. There’s a picture of me at the end of the book looking like that 🙂 I think it’s funny.

Anyways, I should probably rouse Mike so he doesn’t sleep too long. He fell asleep on the futon again, so who knows when he went to bed!

donna pictures


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