Smores? Cake


When I was at work last week, we were trying to decide whether we should have smores for Lucy’s birth-b-q or make a cake. I was seized with the idea that you could make a smores cake! I knew the internet would have recipes, but I could see it in my head, how it should be.

Step 1: Bake a cake. This a dark chocolate cake mix, cuz that’s how I roll. Note to self, you should probably invest in better pans.

Step 2: Oh, did I mention I did step 1 the night before? I did. Step 2: Get up really early. You know, before the sun gets up, because your body’s internal clock has awoken you.

Step 3: Level said cake, and contemplate eating the scraps.

Step 4: Crush up a bunch of graham crackers. I used my food processor, but a ziploc baggie and a lot of smashing would have worked too.

Step 5: Melt like, almost a bag of big marshamllows. Throw a little water in there too, just a dash.

Step 6: Spent approximately 10 minutes looking in all the cabinets you never look in trying to find the cake rounds that you haven’t seen since you moved in May. Find them behind the onions.

Step 7: Also, get out the pre-made frosting you bought for that cake decorating class and realize it smells kind of awful and you probably shouldn’t use it, seeing as you probably bought it in April?

Step 8: Put one cake on cake round, cover with half of the melty marshmallows and then sprinkle grahams over it. Realize in horror that marshmallow is oozing off the edges of the cake.

Step 9: Decide “OH WELL”. Put other cake layer on, cover in marshmallow, laugh uproariously at valiant efforts to “frost” in marshmallow. Cover in grahams. Decorate oddly.

Step 10: Eat later.
Smores cake is weird. Marshmallows are cold and not enough graham flavor. But hey, it's still cake!

Verdict: not really like a smore at all. But it was still cake, so, there’s that! Kids, don’t use marshmallow as frosting, at least not melted marshmallows. It doesn’t work.


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