Last week, our neighbor and her 7-month-old baby were over at our house in the afternoon. Rhys (baby, it’s pronounced Reese, which made me think of peanut butter cups, mmm) is crawling around and found much pleasure in trying to commit kamikaze moves up/down the stairs (we have two staircases connected to our living room, one downstairs to the front door/1st floor, one upstairs to the 3rd floor). He also spent a lot of time pulling down the kitchen towels and playing with the trash cans, much to his mom’s chagrin.

Annnywho, this got me thinking about how we have so many friends with kids, and not exactly a safe area in which to contain them. When we had our housewarming in August, our friend Rob had to sit in the downstairs staircase and be a human gate. Which was very nice of him. Several of the babies escaped up to the third floor a couple times.

So, I decided we should get some cheapo gates that we could pop up at a moment’s notice to preserve both baby integrity and my sanity ๐Ÿ™‚ We went to Target on Saturday and procured (what turned out to be) round 1.
We are moderately friend baby safe!

Ashleigh pointed out that babies could still climb some of the stairs up to the third floor. Well, that staircase is oddly wide at the base, and the cheap, $10 Target gate was WAY WAY too small. Turns out most baby gates are max 42″, and we had an opening of 48.5″. I figured they probably had something else, and went back to return it and buy a new one. But..they didn’t. So I went across the street to Home Depot, and bought a much more expensive gate that I *thought* was pressure mounted.

It was not.

But, it was already there, and well, we figured we might as well put it up anyways.
Two hours, two gift cards, and some cursing later, superior gate for upper stairs. IT IS NEVER MOVING.

It took us on the order of an hour to get it up and a lot of grumbling and drilling. And it looked retarded and was huge. I tried to fix it.
There, I fixed it :-p (that’s a blanket draped over it)

By Sunday morning, I realized this was one of my more retarded home improvement projects as we didn’t need a permanent gate since WE DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE KIDS, and we took that puppy down and returned it to Home Depot. We then visited Babies R Us, reasoning that they are a baby store, and should likely have a large selection. They did, but they had a large selection of very expensive gates.

It was somewhere here where I looked online at Amazon, and realized I could get a wider, removable gate for cheaper. Ordered.

Don't go to Target x2, Home Depot x2, and Babies R Us for what Amazon has for cheaper. I present: the gate!

Moral of the story: your children will no longer die at our house ๐Ÿ˜‰
(Not pictured, slightly off-kilter gate in front of the kitchen entrance. It’s inelegant, but it works.)
(Also not pictured, gate-storage in our powder room, ha!)


2 thoughts on “Friend-baby-safe!

  1. Kathy

    The first time I saw the gate pics, I totally thought you guys were getting a puppy.

    You are kind friends; we are not so kind. We don’t plan on baby-proofing ’til we have our own baby. But then again, your house is unusually tall with many stairs.

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