Brown smoothie


Hmm, my experiment of adding a little bit of fresh lemon juice to my smoothie this morning failed. I was hoping it would keep it from turning the putrid brown color during my drive to work and tape changing in the morning (between 45 mins to 1 hr between when I make said smoothie and it gets consumed). Alas, now it’s a pukey brown instead.

Robyn’s favorite smoothie:
1/2c nonfat milk
couple spoons of nonfat or lowfat yogurt
1 tbsp soy protein powder
Large handful of spinach
4 frozen strawberries (or 5 if I’m feeling sassy)
1/4c-1/2c mixed frozen berries
6ish frozen blueberries (that I froze myself)
2 pieces frozen banana (that’s about a half of an unfrozen banana–I like the frozen bananas because it makes it kind of creamier and stays colder longer)

I squeezed some fresh lemon juice in this morning, hoping that it would keep the spinach from turning. No luck, and now I am out of ideas.


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