Davis Trip


Last weekend, I went to that far-off, totally different land that is Northern California. Where they say “hella” and “tight”, or so my experience at college taught me.

I flew into the Sacramento airport, and the first thing I noticed was this:

That is a lot of lost luggage.

It turned out it was an art project, but when I was coming around the corner, I initially really did think it was a really big pile of luggage. Anna and Ron picked me up and we went to Crêpeville and ate nommy crêpes! I think I then fell asleep 🙂

The next day, we went to the Davis co-op, and then Costco, so Anna could take advantage of my Costco membership. I thence saw my first sign of Christmas.

No, Santa! It's only August!

After we returned home, we then made LOTS of granola. Nom.

Anna and I made lots(!) of granola! (mine is the darker batch).

Anna made chicken enchiladas for dinner, and then we played Carcassone.

And by played, I mean, well, we did actually play, but I also spent a lot of the game stacking pieces on top of each other. Maybe. Ok, really.

We may be playing Carcassone

Then we played a German kid’s game called Animals Upon Animals–which involved STACKING PIECES. HECK YEAH.

Where was I? On Saturday, we went to the Davis Farmers’ Market. It was crazily busy.
At the Davis farmers' market. It is busy!

I had recently gone to the Anchorage Farmers’ Market while Mike and I had been killing time in Anchorage before our flight home (oh right, I haven’t written that part of the Alaska recap yet, ha!). The Anchorage market was mostly crafts and clothes. Not a lot of actual food. (Although, the coffee cart was very busy). In Davis, I got a very nice pain au chocolat.

After returning to the house, we coordinated with my friend Rebecca, who lives in Sacramento, and met her at the Governor’s mansion (ok, she was early, we were late, I felt dumb 😦 Sorry, Rebecca!). Did you know the Governator does not live in the Governor’s mansion? No governor has lived there since the ’60s. It’s this very ornate old Victorian house. It’s currently decorated as it was when Pat Brown’s family lived in it. Hence, you end up with anachronisms like this:

Governor's manse

(Ha, I just noticed you can see the top of my head in the mirror above the fireplace.) After our tour (and my realization that I had forgotten a LOT of California history), we went to Old Sac. We wandered for a minute, before Anna mentioned seeing an article about an underground Old Sac tour.

I am ALL ABOUT underground tours. (I desperately want to go on Seattle’s underground tour). A quick iPhone consultation later, we dashed to the museum offering them…only to find they were all sold out. ALAS. We instead walked around and looked in a store for a while. After failing to find any restaurants save for Joe’s Crab Shack, Rebecca kindly drove us to a yummy Mediterranean restaurant and then took us on a tour of the UC Davis Medical Center, where she works. She dropped us off back at Old Sac, and we headed back to Davis.
Sunset driving to Davis

On Sunday, we took a driving tour of the skirts of UC Davis, and then walked around inside. They pay only $30 a quarter for parking. A QUARTER! I pay $81 a month. After seeing lots of buildings and failing at giving directions to a lost student, we went back to the house and picked up Ron for lunch. We went to Dos Coyotes, and it was yummy. Then it was back to the house for relaxation before my inevitable flight.

While I was there, I got to stay in Anna’s childhood room. It was really neat to look at all the pictures and books and dolls from her childhood, when I didn’t know her (and marvel at how much they overlapped with my own childhood (not the pictures)). All the animals were also a bit of an adjustment, although Mercury and I had come to mostly an agreement by the end of the weekend. Mostly 🙂

The proliferation of bikes and flatness of land were no joke. I’ve only ever lived in hilly areas!
Hehe, bike parking.

Mike was very glad to see me on my return, and then I promptly fell asleep on the couch :-\ Woops.


2 thoughts on “Davis Trip

  1. While still quite cheap compared to UCSD, it’s actually $39/month. Of course you could be part of a 2 person carpool… then it’s only $18/month – which you’re splitting with the other person – so really $9/month/person. And it’s easy for people to carpool cause we’re only coming from about 3-5 areas compared to SD.

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