Here’s a riddle for you


Retrospect backup server (that is being retired) runs two simultaneous backups. 1 set is for desktops & servers, the other for portables. We probably had about 100 machines backing up to the server at one point.

Weekly, the desktops and servers used 6 400GB tapes, and the portables used 2-3 400GB tapes.

I’ve been migrating everyone (except servers) off of Retrospect, to the point where we have maybe a handful of portables AND desktops left. Mere fractions of previous backing-up-ness.

The portables are down to 1 400GB tape (there’s only really a few people and they’re all off traveling, so I can’t convert them, nor are they actually backing anything up while traveling).

HOWEVER, the servers & desktops are now using EIGHT 400GB tapes. Ocho. Huit. Thamaniya.

Fewer computers, yet backing up more. My mind, she is puzzled.


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