Woo, Expert guitar!


Even though I wasn’t able to play Rock Band at our party on Saturday (someone had to say good-bye to people as they left!), Josh came over yesterday and he and Mike and I played Beatles: Rock Band for a couple hours in the evening.

(This was after they played several hours of some new Tomb Raider game in the afternoon, and I idly alternated between HGTV, trying to finish Lego Harry Potter levels to completion, and looking for Mission-style dining tables online.)

In “my” saved Beatles game, I’ve accomplished the drums, bass, and vocals to 1 million points. I have consistently stayed away from the guitar, because that’s Mike’s instrument, and he’s soooo much better at it than I am, I saw no point in actually trying to be good at it. (Bass in point, I spent gazillions of hours playing “I Saw Her Standing There” on expert bass OVER AND OVER, learning how to use that stupid orange button.) Anyways, it thwarted me, and last night I tried doing guitar. The whole “chord” thing is alien to my rock-band hands. After doing several easy songs on hard (I figured with my bass experience, medium would probably be too easy), Josh made me play several 3 and 4 “bub” songs on Expert, and I did not fail!

/proud 🙂


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