Time for some yogurt


I’ve been reading “Why French Women Don’t Get Fat” lately on a Kindle I was given. (I surprisingly feel like I read more slowly on it, but that’s a whole ‘nother ball of whacks.) She is a big advocate of plain, unadulterated yogurt in one’s diet. I made yogurt and granola several times before we moved last and then kind of fell out of the habit. Plus, I was pretty sure eating all that granola deliciousness was not that great for me. Mmm, granola.

Anywho, I have resolved to make some more crockpot yogurt today. I’m also thinking about making some bread. And then I will put an apron on and you can call me Martha. Or not.

(Martha is one of those names that’s totally fallen out of favor, huh? Like Maude or Ruth. While we don’t have any kids, my favored girl names (which Mike disagrees on) are Madeline and Felicity. Although Felicity is quite a mouthful. But wouldn’t Maddie be cute?)

I’ve also been smoothie-ing it up several times this week for breakfast. I’ve been using one of those Costco Yoplait smoothie-in-a-bag things, which are terribly convenient, but I tend to use the whole 2-serving packet at once. It’s not like you’re really going to halve it and then freeze? the other half. I’ve also been adding some soy protein powder and spinach and it is nom. Yesterday, I was out of spinach and the smoothie mix. I figured I could make a smoothie on my own. I put in the milk and the powder and a bunch of frozen berries I inherited upon moving out from our last place. I also figured I could throw in an apple (in chunks) for some variety. Everyone likes apple juice, right?

Also, blech. That smoothie looked great and tasted terrible. Bits of mushy apple and berry seeds everywhere. I either didn’t blend it long enough, or apples are not destined to be smoothie ingredients. I’m thinking maybe I will scope out the individually frozen berry section and maybe buy those instead of the $10 smoothie packet that makes only “5” smoothies. I could go to Jamba Juice for that price!


One thought on “Time for some yogurt

  1. Kathy

    “Madeleine” was Katie’s favorite kid’s name.. until Kim W. stole it for her WoW character. I think Felicity is cute, if I could get around thinking about the television show. ;P Is this why Mike was asking about Elizabeth? ‘Cause “Liz” works as a nickname for “Felicity” also..

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