Memory Foam and Migraines


…which are not actually related, exactly. Sort of.

When Mike and I moved into our new house, we decided to get a new bed and put our queen bed upstairs in the guest room. I bought said queen bed about five years ago, from Costco, of course. When looking for a cal-king, Costco had the best prices again, but the only cal-king they carried in the stores had a memory foam topper built into the mattress. I thought this was pretty cool. I used to have some memory foam on my “Stonehenge” mattress back at my parents’ house. It was nice.

In a genius move, we used the moving truck (and some helpers) to pick it up after moving and bam, new mattress.

Now, let me not steer you wrong. This is, like, the most comfortable mattress ever. It kind of envelops you and hugs you and sings lullabies and you’re like AWWEEEEESOOOOOOME. It is so comfortable, we nicknamed it the Bed Monster. As in, it traps you and never lets you go. Here, let me use my fantastic Photoshop skills to illustrate this.

So, where was I? Oh right, memory foam. Memory foam is REALLY REALLY WARM. Maybe for people with normal legs, this is fine, but I wake up in a feverish haze most nights. See, I have lots of extra…

(whoa, I’m watching the Tour de France while writing this, and they just rode past a priest in full getup blessing the Peléton. Interesting.)

So, I have lots of extra blood vessels in my legs, especially the right. Who knows what’s up with my circulation, but after 8 horizontal hours, my legs are on fire. On a normal mattress. Add in Memory Foam McMelty, and you have a recipe for a really toasty Robyn. I do not like this. I like the bedroom to be cold so I can be all snuggly under the covers.

So the migraines come into play in that when I wake up in the morning with one, I am too miserably warm to try to fall back asleep. I think I initially woke up around 4:45a and was beastly hot. I tossed and turned until around 6 before coming out to the living room and eating some cereal. In desperation, waiting for my migraine meds to kick in, I went upstairs and laid down in the guest bed (sans memory foam). And dude, it was coool and comfortable and wonderful.

I may dub the guest bed my migraine bed.

(Keiko, the welcome whale, welcomes you to the migraine guest bed)


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