Lazy weekend, yet busy Saturday


Well, Mike is off hanging with one of his friends, watching Godfather 2, and I’m sitting at home, making scones, doing laundry, watching Frasier, and wondering how most of my friends have kids and/or moved away and are not ready to hang out on a couple hours’ notice. Sometimes I feel rather depressed about it, and sometimes it doesn’t bother me as much.

I suppose this silly angst would be for naught if I had lengthy projects, à la Mike. I certainly enjoy projects, but I find they tend to be more compact. A specific task, if you will. Example: hole punching and alphabetizing my assorted recipe printouts (see: blueberry scones). This sounds terribly productive and I feel I have earned a lack of productivity today!

I got up and made coffee and oatmeal this morning (I’ve started added soy protein powder to the oats. It makes it slightly gummier, but doesn’t really taste differently. I have learned to add the powder AFTER the oats are cooked, tho). Mike called to cancel an auto-renewing XNA membership and changed his direct deposit to our new joint account. We then took his car to the Saturn Chevy dealer (“Welcome, Saturn Owners!”) for service, and then stopped into a credit union to cancel an account we had set up when saving for the wedding. Sweet, free money (that we already had, lol)! We then went to Costco and added Mike to my membership and then used said “free” money to buy food and some clothes. And it was only 11:30a! After depositing the food at home, we went back and got Mike’s car and then returned to the homestead. After lunch, THEN, Mike started laundry, and I went outside to wash my WOEFULLY WOEFULLY DIRTY car. I washed, I dried, I Armor-All’ed, I waxed, I buffed. Whew. And Mike vacuumed. We then showered and rested (whew) and then played Lego: Harry Potter. WOO. We made some ravioli for dinner (damn your samples, Costco) and Mike headed off.

In sum, car, tired, scones, friends.


3 thoughts on “Lazy weekend, yet busy Saturday

  1. Kathy

    I feel ya, on the OMG where did everyone go? oh, family front. I’m lazy, though, and a lot of the time content to stay at home because I have a room dedicated to arting and crafting. We should get together once a month for tea and knitting or a book club, or *something.* Once a month should be a do-able commitment, even for someone with a family. /coughcough

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