A lazy weekend


After last weekend’s hectic 4th of July party at my parents’ and the subsequent putting-dog-to-sleep trauma, followed by several pre-scheduled friend-hang-outs, it’s really nice to to have anything on the agenda this weekend.

My current plans? Wash my car! WASH IT. It’s probably been well over six months, and it’s developed that weird, grimy film all over it. Gross. Mike and I walked all the way to Lowe’s last night (so we could use our 10% coupon, natch) just to buy a hose.

Also, we intend to clean and vacuum the house. Well, Mike will vacuum, I’ll do the toilets. I find this to be an entirely fair trade. I do not like vacuuming.

Also also, play Lego: Harry Potter. Because it is made of awesome and adorableness. Have you played the Lego: X games? They are all awesome. Anna’s husband showed me Lego: Star Wars years ago, and I’ve been addicted since.

In unrelated news, I miss Christie 😦

This was one of the last pictures taken of her, before she started having strokes on Sunday. /sigh


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