The saga of the wires


I took off yesterday afternoon to wait for the Uverse installer. A different Uverse person had come by on Thursday to install the fiber to cat5 box and backup battery. Pretty big boxes, fortunately, they sit inside our panel and it’s not a big deal. But the guy installed the boxes with no problems, so I was thinking yesterday was MAYBE going to be a piece of cake. (You know, after we discovered that the builder had forgotten to run the coax cable from the street to the house. That still hasn’t been fixed. But Uverse has a fiber run to the house, and it was there, and I was thinking, ok, this isn’t going to be a problem.)

The (super nice and patient) installer came at 2, and after an hour and a half, we finally had determined that the builder never ran (or ran it and it’s in a wall somewhere) the cat5 cable from the garage to the master closet, where the rest of the outlets in the rooms terminate. There was no way to get the internet from the garage to the house. I called the builder, and they have the company that ran the wiring coming out on Friday (with a drywall appt on Monday in case they have to break anything).

Anyway, the installer and I eventually figured we could leave the Uverse “modem” in the garage temporarily, because from the modem, the TV feeds out to coax and the modem does wireless by itself. Because we’re classy like that, I duct-taped it to the wall to give it a little more stability. I didn’t really want it to be sitting on the floor.

From House construction

(The “modem” on top there should be inside the house, so we can feed all the wired outlets. In time.)

But at least we’re in business for now. The Uverse guy couldn’t have been nicer. He said he would come back out and do it “right” when we got the wiring straightened out.

(I was seriously cursing the people that wired the building though.)

Also, the “whole home” DVR thing that Uverse has is pretty sweet. The channels change really fast. (Is that weird to notice?) Internet is speedy, and the wireless was a breeze to set up. And their interface to configure the wireless was a lot nicer than Linksys’!


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