Moving and Progress


So, with the gracious help of friends last Sunday, we moved the remainder of our stuff out of Menorca and into the new house. Woohoo!

This was Sunday afternoon, after we had gotten everything out of the truck and fed people pizza:

From House construction

Uggghhh, shudder. This gives me OCD organizational heebie jeebies. This was the kitchen on Sunday.

From House construction

Ok, we’re doing better now. This is the living room this morning.

From House construction

Kitchen this morning. You can actually see the countertops! And our twin trashcans, Jacob and the Smoke Monster (Lost reference). Jacob is “good” recycling, and Smoke Monster is “bad” trash.

From House construction

(I am amused by the trash cans)

Here is a (dark) picture of our bedroom. You can see one of the two similar paintings we got at Target over the bed.

From House construction

The music/game room (also where I keep falling asleep watching Mike organize)

From House construction

The guest room, with a welcome-whale!

From House construction

There are still a few areas (not pictured) that need a lot of work. But it’s coming along!

The kitchen is awesome. I’ve never had a gas oven before, and it’s kind of disconcerting to hear the gas hissing. Also, there’s no fan in the oven. The last two ovens we’ve had have had really REALLY loud fans that continue running for a long time after you turn the oven off. This one is silent. So much so that I’m like, is it on?? Oh right, it’s hot.

Also, I love that the kitchen is on the same floor as the bedroom. No more stumbling downstairs for water.

We have a flock of nocturnal frogs(?) outside in the crick bed, but after a while, they kind of become background noise. Fortunately, you can’t hear it from the bedroom. Speaking of the bedroom, we actually hung ceiling fans (it was pre-wired). It was pretty awesome. FANS! And they are silent. And the air conditioner works fantastically! Surprisingly, the 3rd floor is the coldest, I guess because it is closest to the AC unit.

More updates to come!


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