House Progress


April 18–trim, door handles, countertops, and lights, oh my!

From House construction

And now, a story of “not my job”:
See this cabinet here? Looks nice, eh? This is in the laundry hall

From House construction

See how the countertop is all installed and stuff? Ok.

Now, here we are in the kitchen:

From House construction

That drawer was missing on April 3, too, when we first saw the cabinetry. I wonder where that drawer went?

From House construction

Oh, THERE it is. Inside the cabinet in the laundry hall. I’m sure they put it there and forgot about it.

Hmm, except, that shelf doesn’t move that it’s sitting on. Uhhh, we can’t get that drawer out, because the countertop is sealed on. Wow, talk about silly!

Also, my grandma noticed they had stucco’ed over the outlet on the porch, woops! Good to have multiple eyes.

On a happier note, countertops!

From House construction
From House construction

It’s looking more finished all over

From House construction

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