Soooo, now they’re telling us June 2 for close of escrow. Which really isn’t that much longer, but so not as tidy as May 24. You have to roll into the next month, and that makes it harder for our landlord to rent. Plus, you have to pay essentially an entire month of accumulated interest at closing (instead of just the few days left in the month if we closed late May). This means more closing costs and less money available to buy down the interest rate. Dislike.

I know I shouldn’t be bummed about it, but I am a little. May 24 was working out so perfectly and tidily in my head. I wish that the salesguy hadn’t mentioned it to us last weekend. I would have gone on thinking it was going to be mid-June and then June 2 would have been a yay surprise. I know, I’m dumb. It’s just going to be so much more complicated trying to get out of the current place and then clean and have the landlords rent it. /sigh


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