We bought a house!


So, there’s this complex in Santee called Canopy Park at Riverwalk. I first saw it maybe in early 2007? I saw an ad for it in the newspaper and thinking, “Where else in San Diego are you going to find a 4b home for ~400k?”. Of course, this was at the height of the market, and I was still living with Kristine. That didn’t stop me from going out to look at them though.

From Random

Kathy, Mike, and I, standing in the plan 4 model, a couple days before my birthday in 2007.

Anyways, I kept going back over the years here and there. We looked again last August, and decided if we wanted to pursue this, we should practice the mortgage. So we estimated the mortgage, paid our rent each month, and then put the remainder into savings. So in reality, we’ve kind of been looking at these for 2.5 years!

Fast forward to last Sunday (fast forward noise). We went to go look at some houses in El Cajon, which were way out there. We then went to look at some other townhouses in Santee, up on the hill, east of the 67. Then we decided to stop back in at Canopy Park on our way home. We discovered they had just released a new phase of rowhomes and were trying to sell the last phase out. They had four plan 4s left. After wandering through the model again, Matt the salesguy took us out to the framed homes. He explained that they had upgraded the remaining homes as incentives for them to sell. The unit we looked at has upgraded cabinets and countertops, pre-wired for cable and ethernet in each room, and wiring for ceiling fans in each bedroom. It also comes with stainless steel appliances (and refrigerator!) and a washer and dryer!! By the time we left that day, despite not having paid anything or signed any papers, we put a red dot on the unit to sort of “reserve” it. The unit’s exterior styling, “urban” is not my favorite (I’m a craftsman through and through). It’s location in the building is excellent though, because it’s only three from the back of the complex and it has views from both the front and back. We made an appt to come back on the 14th if we decided to go through with it.

We spent all week hemming and hawing and researching and talking. By Saturday, we had pretty much decided to do it. If you go through the builder’s lender, they give you 6% incentive money, which is used for closing costs and upgrades or buying down the rate on the loan. We decided not to upgrade the flooring and just get the lowest rate on the loan possible. We can change the flooring later.

View from front

From House construction

View from back

From House construction

Standing in the master window (in the back)

From House construction

Artist rendering of front:

From House construction

Floor plan:

From House construction

More pictures:

House construction

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