Honeymoon post of epicness


Day 1, Jan 24, LA–

After talking with my aunt Ruth, who lives in Long Beach, we had decided to drive up to her house and leave Mike’s car with her, so we didn’t have to pay for parking. After a slight snafu involving me not realizing there were different cruise terminals in LA and Long Beach, we arrived at San Pedro around 2p. This was apparently perfect timing, as there was absolutely no line. We sailed (har) onboard, dropped our carry-ons off in our room, and wandered around the ship.

From Mexico HoneyCruise
From Mexico HoneyCruise

We called our parents to let them know we had arrived, and I mentioned to my mom that I hadn’t seen the cards on our brief trip through the house. Little did I know that this would send them into a tailspin trying to find out what had happened to them. They called Maggie and Anna and Jess and Wendy and were emailing all over the place. They even called us on the ship the next morning. The cards were safe, no one had stolen them. They were just inside a box. Crisis averted. We had our (very late) dinner the in dining room and met our tablemates, Mark and Clara, from Vancouver. Our waiter was Lyall, and our asst waiter was Dindo.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

Journal entry from this day:

(The Disney show I was trying to think of was Even Stevens)

Day 2, Jan 25, at sea–
Had breakfast in the dining room with some people from Temecula and a couple from Nebraska. Most of this day was spent wandering around the ship and observing. We ate at Johnny Rocket’s for lunch.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

We went on a digital treasure hunt, which was a neat way of getting us to walk around the ship.
We also watched the first disc of the first season of Big Bang Theory. I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how you could locate yourself in an iPhone app of the ship so you could always have a map with you (that’s what the diagrams are in the journal). It was a nice day.

Journal entry from Day 2 and 3:

Day 3, Jan 26, Cabo San Lucas–
We ordered room service for breakfast as we had to get off the ship fairly early for our zip lining tour.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

It was super cool, and exhausting. See above scan for rough diagram of zip lining adventures! Unfortunately, there were no pictures…we thought the prices were in US, but it turned out they were pesos. We didn’t buy any because we thought they were overpriced. Woops.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

Day 4, Jan 27, Mazatlan–
Our interior room had a window that looked across at other rooms and down to the promenade. There was an old lady TOTALLY NAKED parading around her room getting ready for dinner and we were like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. We got off the ship briefly and decided we didn’t really have anything to do in Mazatlan and got back on the ship.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

We went swimming and watched more Big Bang Theory. We booked a cooking tour for Puerto Vallarta and then were confused for 20 minutes whether the tour was on ship time or port time. We watched the bridge while we were leaving Mazatlan, and I was totally fascinated for like, an hour.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

Journal entry from Day 4 and 5:

Day 5, Jan 28, Puerto Vallarta–
Had breakfast, and then got off ship for cooking tour (on ship time, it turned out). We had a forced shopping stop first, and I was a little peeved at that. Then we went to a tortilla factory and ate fresh tortillas YUM. The tour guide bought masa.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

We then drove out to the country to an open air restaurant. We made two salsas and guacamole, tortillas, tacos, and chile rellenos! OM NOM NOM.

From Mexico HoneyCruise
From Mexico HoneyCruise

They dropped us back off at the ship, and we walked around the corner to a supermercado.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

It was fun seeing all the different products available, like pre-toasted bread.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

We bought some stuff for souvenirs and went back to the ship. Aaand, there was a huge line. It was like Egypt all over again, when 2500 people arrived to get back on the ship at the same time, and we had to wait outside for like 45 mins. Except, this time, there was a “security incident” and they were doing extra checks and wanding everyone down before letthing them through.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

It turned out to be a bomb threat, which they didn’t tell us about until everyone was back on board. Clever, I see what you did there!

Day 6, Jan 29, at sea–
We had breakfast and took our daily constitutional around the track. We had a nap, and then went ice skating! There is a (very tiny) ice rink on board. We watched the Men’s International Belly Flop Competition.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

We started getting a little antsy this day and spent the afternoon and evening playing card games 🙂 Lovely sketch is of Mike sitting in our window seat with cards. I never claimed I could draw.

Journal entry from Day 6 and 7:

Day 7, Jan 30, at sea–
We tried to keep busy this day, by going to quite a few events and waiting for like, an hour at Johnny Rocket’s.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

There was a parade,

From Mexico HoneyCruise

and we had a fancy dinner at the special Italian restaurant. We packed and were ready to go.

From Mexico HoneyCruise

Disembarking on Jan 31, aka. GET OFF THE SHIP. We had chosen express walk off, so we just pretty much left around 9 with our luggage. Ruth picked us up. We went back to my parents’ to visit, and then headed home. Yay, home!!!

Rest of pictures are here:

Mexico HoneyCruise

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