Baking galore


Things I have made in the last week:

-gingerbread cookies (twice)
-peanut butter cookies (twice)
-chocolate peppermint pinwheels (took three days!)
-pumpkin cookies
-chocolate chip cookies
-pumpkin ice cream

Cookie platter from work’s potluck (all handmade by me!)

I was thinking about making a cookie tree, like this one:

to take to OC with me.

Things that need to get done in the next couple weeks for the wedding:
-send DJ music that he doesn’t have
-get Vivi and Fiona to try on their dresses again
-Find and give dress to seamstress for alterations
-layout and print programs and tie them to bubbles (BUBBLES!)
-watch a ridiculous amount of Food Network (ok, that’s not really related, but I’m off for two weeks and I predict this to be part of my day)
We’re heading up to OC on Weds for Xmas. And then heading back on Saturday evening, because I have a wedding (!) to shoot (and be paid!) on Sunday. It’s a paltry payment, but hey, I can has payment! I’m going over to the woman’s house today, who is a neighbor of my co-worker/wedding coordinator Wendy, to kind of walk through and look at her “tiki hut”.
I’m really looking forward to Anna and Jawn coming down the week before the wedding. It will be so nice to have extra hands around. Anna and I can practice wearing our heels and trying not to kill ourselves. And scuff them up.


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