Fur is high, fur is lough


My fur is high, aka, a day off
Today is my first furlough day, thanks to the UC system. At my pay bracket, I get 16 days “off”. 6 of them are required to be taken off during the winter holidays because the university is shutting down Dec 19-Jan 3. Woo hoo, Christmas break! But boo, less money. They worked it out so you’re getting the same paycut each month, regardless of how many days you took off. However, you can’t use days until you accrue them, so I can’t take all of them off for the wedding. Lame. Since I’m taking 6 furlough in December, and taking two weeks off for wedding stuff in January, that leaves me with ten other months in the year, and magically, ten furlough days! My group can’t really all take off at once, so we’re all taking off random days. Karin took off last Monday, and Terri was off the Friday before.

It’s funny that having a day when you feel like you “should” be working is more productive than a weekend day. I went running, finished Edgar Sawtelle, did the rest of the laundry, deposited checks, and felt very productive in general. I feel such a need to decompress on the weekends that I don’t often “do” anything, like cleaning (except for the great Antsplosion of 2009).

I’m thinking about pancakes for dinner. I’d need to walk over to Market and get some buttermilk though. Oooh, or Hawaiian restaurant. Although we ate out plenty over the weekend, including $7 in some candy store to get a boatload of gummies before we went to go see “It Might Get Loud” at the Hillcrest theater. Which was pretty neat, if not particularly plotted. I really enjoyed seeing the musicians geek out watching each other play. As Charles noted, we’re all geeks, it just depends on what you’re geeky about. The only other productivity this weekend was a Target/Costco trip and I made zuchinni pancakes from joythebaker.com, which were nom.

So I went to the ortho on Thursday, which is my usual ortho day of the week. They presented my refinement trays, and I was dismayed that they had not made any new trays for the top teeth (tray is six months old!!) and NINE trays for the bottom. Which, if you may recall, is more than half as many as the first run. I didn’t really think they needed that much more work. My lil point n shoot Sony camera’s batteries are dying quite quickly these days. I haven’t charged them up to take new pictures yet. The new tray (1R-refinement) was incredibly tight and painful for several days. Still tight, but not so bad. Good news is that there are no new attachments. WOOHOO! The ortho is making a retainer for the top teeth (and by ortho, I mean one of his very young assistants. The office is kind of weird)

Not too much going on in the wedding front. My parents came down on Saturday and we chose linens and chairs and cake designs and stuff. Then the FG treated us to lunch, which was yum!


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