Invisalign, Tray 16


Well, here we are, eight months later, at tray 16.

From Invisalign

Well, yeah, like I told the ortho four trays ago, I didn’t think one of the laterals was moving in the right direction, and he was very much “wait and see”. When I saw him on Tuesday, he was like, OH HAI, this tooth didn’t move the right way. And I internally was like YES I KNOW HELLO.

Well, anyways, I’m in this tray, plus still in tray 8 U for the next five weeks. Then we’re doing new molds, and a refinement series for the bottoms. He said the uppers were ready for retainment.

As we can see here, while much straighter, they’re just not *quite* there:

From Invisalign

But compare this to last December!

From Invisalign

Significant movement!

My mom has made me swear up and down that I wouldn’t pull my trays out to eat during the wedding. She just thinks it’s the height of uncoothness that I’m constantly popping them out and in.


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