Things of note


I made a GIANT CUPCAKE OF DOOOOOOM for Krystal’s birthday tonight. It’s actually half butter cake, half chocolate, but, well, the baking part didn’t work out so well. I had read the bottom half takes way longer to cook than the top, so I put the bottom in for 15 mins before pouring in the top. By the time the top finished, the bottom was a little, shall we say, crispy?

I visited my brother, hard at work at his new job at Costco. He’s a box boy/stocker, currently, but making $11/hr!!

Erica brought over her kid, Josh, who is now 9 months, and we had a ball playing with him. He’s frickin’ adorable.

Looking forward to dinner at Urban Solace tonight. Also looking forward to ICE CREAM CAKE on Friday for my birthday! Woohoo! Also, Anna is arriving in two weeks! More woohoo!

Currently not appreciating the web server going up and down every three minutes. I’ve gotten 12 texts from it since 9a.


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