Invisalign brain dump


Still on trays 6U and 6L.

Invisalign’s plan has you changing trays every other week. The first week, your teeth kind of hurt and move tiny little amounts when you take the trays out for a while. But by day 10 or so, it has progressed to the point when they’re just kind of *there*. No teeth are moving, the trays are just hanging out, and I’m like, “OK, ready to move on!” And then I wear them through the weekend put in a new tray on Monday night. The initial feeling of super-tightness with a new tray goes away in less than a minute, and then they definitely feel tight, but not uncomfortable.

I have to say, though, in the last tray, I’ve been constantly noticing that my teeth have definitely straightened up. Well, the bottoms aren’t straight by any stretch of the imagination, but they are not AS crooked as they were. Which is exciting. The bottoms are due to be done in July, so they still have a ways to go. That snaggle tooth has got to get itself out from behind the other teeth. My top teeth, however, feel like they’ve pretty much straightened out, save for the top front right tooth, which I still feel that it protrudes slightly more forward than the top left. There are still two more trays on the top, so maybe that’s the last thing? I don’t know, but if it doesn’t move, I’m definitely taking that up with the ortho. I’m paying $$$, I think the front teeth should at least pretend to be in alignment for a while. I think the #1 I’m looking forward to at the end of the top trays is to remove the stupid button from the little tooth next to the front left top tooth. I could live with the bottom buttons until kingdom come; I don’t even notice them. But the upper button is just annoying. My lips are always playing with it. The texture of the button itself on the tooth is rough, so as long as the trays are off, I can really feel it. When the trays are on, it’s smooth at least.

Speaking of the uppers, I wonder what I’m going to do when I’m done with tray 8. I haven’t seen the ortho in a while, so I don’t know if I’m moving into retainment or I’m supposed to wear tray 8 for the next four months until the bottoms finish up? I would think that one tray would be pretty grody after four months’ of wear! Next appointment is on March 5, and I’ll be getting my last upper tray and the next three for the lowers. Definitely will talk to the ortho about the uppers then.


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