*twitch* *twitch*


The underside of my thigh decided that last night around 3:15a (after a bathroom visit) was an excellent time to start twitching spastically in all positions except lying on my stomach. Although, it started twitching that way, too. I eventually, somewhere around 4, got up and took some Advil and fell asleep. It’s still twitching now, sitting here in my chair at work. What is going on, peeps?

Mike and I were at Target in Mission Valley yesterday, trying to kill some time until the Game Stop opened. We happened upon the small kitchen electronics (blenders, toasters, etc) and they had rice cookers. I would say it occurs once a week or so that I proclaim my wish for a rice cooker like Kristine had when we lived together. I had never before known the joys of having really well-cooked rice, and man, that thing was awesome. She had gotten it at a Japanese store in OC and it could cook rice like no other. Anyways, they had a $39 Aroma rice cooker at Target. I looked it up on Amazon, and the same model was selling for $75! And, it was on sale last weekend at Target for $30. AND it has a brown rice button. Needless to say, we bought it. We then had to make a voyage to Mitsuwa, the Japanese store over by the In N Out in Kearny Mesa. I’d never been inside before, but it really wasn’t scary, if you overlook the fact that you couldn’t read most of the product labels. We got some Japanese rice and some brown rice, too, since we were already there. For dinner last night, we made white rice in the rice cooker, and then 15 mins in, added diced chicken to the steamer tray on top, and then 10 mins later, broccoli, zucchini, snow peas, bean sprouts, and carrots. It all steamed together and finished at the same time. OMG IT WAS SO YUMMY. I love you, rice cooker! Why did I wait so long??? (As an aside, we kept forgetting to buy things, and made approx 4 trips to the grocery store yesterday at various times). We also had Costco apple pie and ice cream ($2.79 for a half gallon) for dessert, which was also nom.

In sum, I love rice.


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