Cruise, teeth, NOMNOM


We have been back from our epic voyage since Monday, but I’m still trying to recover from jetlag and a bug I came down with in D.C. I’m getting there, though. I stayed home from work on Tuesday, so as not to infect my co-workers. I tried to do some laundry, but in my sickly state, I accidentally washed all the clothes that Mike had already washed and left the dirty ones sitting out. Woops. I have to work on the pictures from the trip. I took about 2.5 GB worth of pictures on my big camera (~300) and Mike took another 300 or so on my old Sony camera. We also have some formal pictures to scan in from the cruise, and some rock climbing pictures from the ship, too. (Funny story, my helmet fell off halfway up the rockwall and tried to strangle me. My options were let go and fix it, or hang on for dear life and keep climbing. I kept climbing, which resulting in a funny picture at the top. They had a photographer stationed at the top of the wall sometimes.)

In teeth news, I went to the dentist for a cleaning on Weds, the orthodontist for a checkup today, and then I have to go back to the dentist tomorrow for xrays, due to some confusion on my part on Wednesday. At the ortho today, they did IPR (interproximal reduction) between some of my front lower teeth. They have a tiny strip of thin metal, which has a bunch of small holes in it. They shave away the edges of your teeth, between the teeth, so that they fit better together. Yeah, that’s fun. It was very uncomfortable. They gave me my next three sets of trays, up to 7/8 upper and 7/16 lower. Looking at 7/16 on the lower, the bottom teeth that are stairstepped are actually flattening out, though the one tooth that is pushed so much further back than the others still seems like it has a ways to go. I’m excited to see some progress. They’re supposed to send my my ClinCheck video this afternoon, so I’ll actually be able to see what teeth are supposed to be moving. I’ll post it when/if it comes in.

Completely unrelatedly, Costco sells these delicious veggie patties. You get 14 for $10 and they are gigantic and awesome. Only 170 cals.

Also unrelated, Mike and I celebrate 4 years on Saturday. That is awesome.


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