Invisalign, Tray 2


I was a little antsy all day about putting tray(s) 2 in, worried that it would be painful. I had a migraine developing when we went rock climbing last night, and when we got home, I took meds and fell into bed….and woke up two hours later. I had to put them in then, there was no time to futz around. They were initially very tight, but not that bad within a few minutes.

From Invisalign

Of course, taking them out to brush my teeth this morning was a whole new adventure in pain. I think this tray is pushing my big upper tooth that sticks forwards a little back inwards, because that tooth, and the one next to it, the little one, hurt like WHOA this morning. Putting them in overnight was definitely the way to go! I can’t see any difference between this tray and my first trays, even though my teeth tell me they are different. I wonder when I will be able to see them actually start to straighten up.


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