Random update


I put in Invisalign tray #2 tonight. Technically, it’s supposed to be tomorrow, but I read many places that putting them in overnight was the superior method, because you’re asleep and don’t notice how much it hurts initially. I keep staring at the trays I have (up to tray 4) and trying to see how my teeth will be shifting. I mean, tray 4/8 on the uppers is halfway. It’s hard to see minute differences. I haven’t been able to see the ClinCheck (the computerized model that shows you how your teeth are going to move) yet, because the ortho’s computer went to Office Depot (?!) for repairs. There will be a new aligner pic tomorrow. I’m expecting pain. Especially since tray 1 for both has become loose and comfortable. I hardly notice they’re there.

The weirdest side effect: when I take the aligners off, my teeth feel super crazy sharp and slimy! My tongue has already decided the dull, plastic aligners are “normal”.

Nicer side effect: my pants are looser! There is a jar of M&Ms and a stocking full of candy, a tin of cookies and a jar of nuts at work, and I haven’t really eaten any of it. I mean, I don’t love brushing my teeth *that* much.

Looks like this is going to be the first year that I do not spend some form of Christmas with my parents. They’re still debating about whether they will go to Las Cruces to be with my grandma. I have decided not to do that, since we’re going on the cruise right in January.

Oh right, the cruise:
Did I mention the cruise? 11 night Mediterranean, leaving Jan 5. We’re going to Sicily, Athens, Rhodes, Cyprus, Egypt, and Malta. The boat leaves and returns to Barcelona. We have horrible flights getting to Barcelona, and my mom is nigh on convinced that we’re going to be horribly stranded in Chicago forEVER and miss several days of the cruise. I’m trying not to think about it. Mike and I bought each other a shared pair of Bose QC3 headphones to wear on all the multitudes of planes. I think they will make a big difference. Maggie and I went dress shopping on Saturday, and I walked in to JC Penney’s, found two super cute dresses, and BOOM, I was done. They were both 50% off, too! We went to DSW and I got some black heels to wear. My remaining clothing mission is sneakers. The shoes that I bought at Clark’s a couple months ago are perfectly fine, but they’re SOOOOO slippery when wet. I slipped twice this morning in the admin building. Bad idea for a boat during winter. I went with Mike to Men’s Wearhouse yesterday, and he bought his very first suit! It’s very sharp, a very dark, dark charcoal color. The jacket fit him like a glove, but the pants need hemming. They only charged $12 for the hemming, sweet. And the store provides free pressing for life! He also bought four different colored shirts and ties to match. Very nice, and I’m very proud of him. He will be dashing and we can take cute pictures on the cruise.

OMG it’s raining like whoa!


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