Invisalign, Day 1


So, the orthodontist’s office called last night, and said that my Invisalign aligners were FINALLY in. For those counting, that was six weeks and four days from moulds to aligners. They managed to squish me in this morning and I got my first four trays. They usually only give you three at time, but I was concerned I’d run out during the middle of the EUROPE cruise in January.

Before I went to work this morning, I took pictures of my teeth, pre-Invisalign.

From Invisalign

You can see the bottom front teeth are all squishy and that one is overlapping. Ignore the stains on the back teeth, that’s just what my mouth does.

From Invisalign

The upper teeth clearly aren’t as squished, but if you look closely, you can see that one of the front teeth is further forward that the other, and that the one that is further back is slipping under the little tooth next to it. The bump on my roof of my mouth is a bone protrusion, it’s normal, whatevs 🙂

From Invisalign

And here I am with my first aligners in. Sorry about the spit, my mouth is working overtime with these weird things in.

I feel some pressure on the teeth, particularly the uppers currently, but overall, not too bad. I have 8 trays on the uppers (~4 months) and 16 trays on the lowers (~8 months). There will be three attachments on the bottom (those little bumpy things) and one on top. They’re going to put those on next week. This week, I just have to get used to popping them in and out.

Everyone I showed them to was like “Whoa, I couldn’t even tell!” Yay! 🙂


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