Nice and relaxing


This weekend was fantastic. No plans, no nothing. Mike and I didn’t get out of our PJs until 5p on Saturday! 🙂 We went to Target & dinner and then he left for a concert with Josh. Maggie and I met Ashleigh for coffee and chatted for a couple hours. That was nice, we should do things like that more often.

On Sunday, we tried to be a bit more productive by getting out of bed and going to The Cottage in La Jolla for breakfast, only to come home and put the PJs back on and get back in bed! We read the newspaper in bed, even 🙂 After lunch, we put some vegetarian chili in the crawk pawt. Then Jess texted us about pizza! We combined efforts and she and Charles brought over pizza of much deliciousness, and we had the chili and cornbread. Maggie bought tiramisu, to top it all off. After Candyland and Uno Attack!, there was the inevitable Rock Band 🙂

Just the kind of weekend I needed. But, for the love of pete, I have got to clean the bathroom.


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