Mac N Feet?


Last night, in the spirit of cooking at home, I took the leftover elbow pasta that I had made on…Monday (we had pasta with marinara, peas n corn, and some garlic bread) and reused it! Mike and I made baked mac n cheese, and it was different and yummy. It was the first time I’ve ever made a cheesy milk sauce from scratch, and it even required making a roux! I was so proud that it worked. Now we have a lot of mac n cheese leftover.. πŸ™‚ Mike’s dad is coming in tonight, though, so I don’t think we’ll be eating it today!

I had to drop off Edgar’s computer at the campus repair shop, and decided to walk back down to SIO, since I had just missed the shuttle. It probably took about a half hour, maybe a little more and was approx 4700 steps. Which I totally thought was going to be more. It felt like more! And then I forced myself to walk back up to our building, even though the shuttle was waiting down the hill. It is 10a and I have 5900 steps already! But I am thirsty, now, hΓ©las.


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